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Arrows Of Revival

Aug 27, 2019

Today, Bishop Reid speaks with his son, Evangelist Terrique. The discussion begins with a short message to parents to encourage their children to do the work of the ministry. Then, they discuss Terrique's call to the ministry, and how young people can get involved in ministry also. Terrique engages Bishop Reid in...

Aug 20, 2019

Women are under attack on several fronts. Therefore, women need to raise their guards, not against men, but against the satanic agenda that is trying to neutralize the place of women in revival. In this teaching, I answer the question, how can women raise their guards against the attacks?

Aug 12, 2019

God speaks to His children but at times we struggle with hearing His voice. God wants to guide us in our lives. We need His guidance. But how do we understand His voice so we may follow Him? To recognize and become attuned to the voice of God, it begins by applying God’s word, seeking His voice, and expecting to hear...

Aug 5, 2019

Have you ever asked yourself the question - should I follow what this person is saying? How do you discern the voice? In this episode, we teach about how to know when to follow the voice of others whether it is a family member or a minister of the gospel. We cover how to respond to prophetic revelations and...